Winter Desert

This was originated from a rather whimsical impulse. Nasim and I got invited to do a set at Slow Death Fest with StayStrangeSD in February. We both preferred to do something new and different, rather than recycling or repurposing any of our previous works. So we decided to go away from people, the city, the traffic, into the desert to make something new (well, 加州的沙漠还是嘈杂,充满了人为作用的。)

我们还有另一个朋友David,从San Diego出发,一路向东开了两个小时。当我们远离了高速公路,并看到风车的时候,我们把车停了下来。因为白色的风车和我那天白色的outfit很有呼应。


I like to use fabrics in my works, because it reminds me of the fluidity and rupture of sound. Besides, fabrics often has interesting interactions with light and wind (physical movements), which echoes the intricacy of sounds I’d like to create.


After shooting at several locations that were all extremely windy, my car got stuck. It got stuck good.

Luckily some people who are the residents of the area came to help us tow my car out of the quick sand, and help me drove my car back on the main road. I felt so lucky and so relieved… We agreed that we must help whoever we see next that is in need, in order to pass on this good deed.


Our last “stop” was a little further into the mountains. There was no car, no windmills, and no people around. Not a single sound. David and I shared a smoke by the road. We just listened to the burning of our cigarettes, and said not one word. That was one of the most peaceful moment I have felt in months, being able to breath the piercing air and watching 飞快却即将消失的云。


These textures, resembles the time of that place. What has that stone gone through. Maybe it’s totally mesmerizing, maybe it’s irrelevant to what we see and what it is today. However, the marks of time, and memory, becomes physical yet abstract at the same time.